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The official website for the Dutch horror movie

Latest headlines about the project:

Unfortunately our distributor has decided it doesn't want to be associated with the movie in its current version. The new trailer therefore is released in a censored version and with an explicit warning. Dutch Lion Entertainment is negotiating to lift the embargo on the trailer.


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DOWNLOAD THE MOVIE TRAILER NOW! (mpg 5.9 mb, click right mouse-button, save as)

This is the official website for the Dutch horror movie 'Manslaughter' that is scheduled to be released in winter 2007.
The movie is produced by Dutch Lion Entertainment in The Netherlands and will be directed by Johan de Schone and stars Cynthia Vermont, Beau van Wilder, Johan de schone and Gina Forzalis. Shooting started early 20047in Amsterdam, Zoetermeer and several spots in California, USA.

Story line:
Hayden Sanders (De Schone), an office employee in his early 40's, gets involved in a nasty car crash, but by miracle he survives. He loses much of his memory, but instead he is now capable of 'seeing' what could have happened to him. His hallucinations go wilder every day and become really scary when he sees all sorts of ways people could have died if they were less lucky. When Hayden meets and old friend who he thought passed away years ago, Hayden starts to investigate what is really happening to him.

- The voice-over in the trailer is done by actor Johan de Schone who is also the guy with the blood and guts on his face in the trailer. Before speaking his lines he always drinks cinnamon tea and eats Japanese nuts.
- The skyline as seen in the trailer is that of Hollywood CA, the building you see a few seconds later is not even near the USA but instead located in a Dutch suburb .
- During filming the first trailer of Man Slaughter, actor Johan de Schone cut himself with a knife. The drop of blood you see on his finger is the real thing.
- When a first draw of the trailer was shown to the wife of the director she said that she already wondered what had happened to the red Thai curry (is indeed used for blood in the trailer).
- Actor Johan de schone was educated as an architect. Fellow actor Beau van Wilder has a degree in law. Cynthia Vermont is a former stock broker.
- Although the names of the cast sound rather international, all of them are Dutch. Most of their names have been adjusted to sound a bit more English ('Cynthia de Mondt' becomes 'Cynthia Vermont'), French ('Bo van Wilder' becomes 'Beau van Wilder') and Spanish ('Gina van Zalen' becomes 'Gina Forzalis').
- The only actor to be seen in the first trailer is Johan de Schone. Footage shot of both Forzalis and Vermont was shot with a camera with a cracked lens.
- When shooting the traffic footage as seen in the trailer, people in cars were constantly waving to the camera and 2 cars even pulled over on the highway. Due to those clowns and some poor weather, shooting the traffic took 2 full days. From over 1 hour of footage, only 1 minute was good enough and only 2 seconds of traffic ended up in the trailer.
- The name of the character 'Hayden Sanders' was a temporary name, based on a Dutch actor with a similar name who was casted originally for the leading role. This actor however had a contract with a large Dutch entertainment group and was not available. When De Schone took on the leading role, the production company insisted on sticking to the name 'Hayden Sanders'.
- The cat in the Dutch Lion logo is not some CGI or drawing but the real cat of De Schone.

Essential Data:
Release Date: winter, 2007
Studio: Dutch Lion Entertainment
Director: Johan de Schone
Screenwriter: Johan de Schone
Genre: Horror, Thriller
MPAA Rating: Not rated yet
Official Website:
Review: Not Available
DVD Review: Not Available
DVD/VHS: Not Available
Movie Poster: Not Available